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Mission: Client Satisfaction.

Data Driven

Measure twice, cut once.

Creativity Unleashed

Dreams? Reality? Same thing. Watch us.

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Attic Salt [ˈætɪk sɔlt]

Refined, delicate wit.

Our team’s combined forces stretch across the entire multiverse of creative consulting, from graphic design to machine learning.

Fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Gujarati, Hindi, and Japanese, we strive to help and reach out to businesses that others will not.

We supercharge businesses with the technology and resources they need to compete, adapt, and thrive in the modern digital world.

So, Why Attic Salt?
World-Class Quality. Customer-Focused Strategies. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

The world is data rich but insights poor.
We're here to spread the wealth.

See how we can help.

Our Services

Graphic Design &

Graphics, logos, color schemes, themes, email banners, business cards, and more - let’s unify your brand together!

Photography & Video Production

Professional, stunning media that floors potential and current clients!

Copywriting &

Meticulously written, professionally presented dialogue. Make sure a typo never gets to a client!


Custom, Mobile, and Web Development

Custom functionality to stunning visuals. We can get it done!

E-Commerce Setup and Management

Sell professionally and skip the Amazon FBA and eBay fees. We’ll help you get set up!

Package and
Label Design

New product? Old labels? You’ve got academically qualified creativity at your fingertips!

Social Media: CSM³

Content, Setup, Management, Metrics, and Monitoring. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more - we do it all!

Ads &

Academically qualified Data Analytics and Insights! Measure the effectiveness of your ads with absolute certainty.

Search Engine

Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click are powerful tools for lead generation!

Business Consulting

Unsure about your next big revenue driver? Put our creativity to work. Precise, cost-effective tests lead to data-driven discoveries.

Project Management

Professionally trained advice a phone call away. Powerful optimizations and automations. Let’s tackle those large projects together!

Relationship and Reputation Management

We will find every site offering customer reviews and ensure your online impressions are looking good!

Our Skills

  •  AI and Machine Learning

  •  Data Analytics and Insights

  •  Software Development and Deployment

  •  Trends Analysis

  •  Security Analysis

  •  Systems Engineering

  • Graphic Design 

  • Interior and Exterior Design 

  • 29 Years of Collective Media Experience 

  • Consumer Psychology 

  • Networking & Negotiation 

  • Demographic & Psychographic Analysis 

Our Portfolio

Watercolor Scene

Watercolor Scene

A colorful scene done with two hands and a paintbrush - we did say we're multi-talented.

Traditional Portrait

Traditional Portrait

A detailed piece done with traditional mediums - you thought we only do websites?

CV website

CV Website

A custom CV website featuring responsive elements, dynamic backgrounds, and a cohesive design.

AS Document Template

Attic Salt Document Template

A document template created specifically for a group of specifically witty people.

Stylized Art

Stylized Art

Looking for something a bit more specific? We do stylized graphic pieces for every art genre under the mosaic sun.

Video Game Concept Art Pt 1

Video Game Concept Art Pt 1

Careful stylization requirements and bold lines, a concept art piece that stayed right in line with the major theme.

Video Game Concept Art Pt 2

Video Game Concept Art Pt 2

Digital Art Piece starting from a rough pencil stub sketch to a Medibang Paint file with 47 layers.

Floral Stationary Design

Floral Stationary Design

Dynamic and intriguing designs can be just the thing for your business cards, labels, or Thank You cards!

Attic Salt

This Site!

A responsive site with dynamic elements and a little bit of fun.


Team Members


Hrs Sleep Deprivation


Trap Cards Activated


Cups of Coffee

Our Team


Devil Dinosaur


Illustrious Internet Historian        

Chief Marketing Officer [CMO] 


Black Widow


Head of Mischief Management      

Chief Operations Officer [COO] 


Doctor Strange


Dr. Data, Insights Extraordinaire

Chief Information Officer [CIO]




Commander of Creative Content    

Chief Creative Officer [CCO]   


Your Friendly Neighborhood


The Watcher on the Web              

Chief Technology Officer [CTO] 




Stranger to Sleep                           

Chief Executive Officer [CEO]  

Our Greatest Packages

Starter Kit

  • Promotional Website
  • Carefully curated themes specifically for your business
  • Starter Graphics and Text Included
  • Monthly Site Security and Performance Assessments
  • Regular, Thorough Site Testing
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • SSL Certificates
  • DDoS Protection
  • Optional: E-Commerce SuperCharger
    • A Brand-New Storefront with Graphics and Media
    • Complementary Product Management
    • Strategies for Efficient, Cost-Effective Order Scheduling and Fullfillment

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CSM³: Online Presence

  • CSM³: Content, Setup, Management, Maintenance, and Monitoring
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Yelp, Google My Business, and more
  • Reputation Management - clean up and monitor your online reputation and reviews!
  • Social Media Management: Consistent brand promotion and engagement
  • Social Media Ads: high quality leads, more sales
  • Monthly Performance Reports
  • Weekly Status Reports

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Branding and Graphics

  • A new logo or modernization of your current one!
  • Choose between a few options, and we'll revise your favorite
  • Digital and Physical Banners
  • Graphics and Media Design
  • Branded Merchandise
  • Business Cards
  • Email Letterheads and Templates
  • Branded Document Templates

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  • Google Keyword Planning and Analysis
  • Web Page Optimizations
  • Online Advertisement Campaigns and Monitoring
  • SEO, PPC, and Geo-Targeting
  • Client Portal and Monthly Performance Assessments

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Episode 2.09

“Pride is not the opposite of shame, but its source.”

The Wealthy Gardener

Words of Wisdom

"If running away was a promising solution, I'd have laced up my shoes."


Episode 2.13

“This tea is nothing more than hot leaf juice!”

The Wealthy Gardener

Words of Wisdom

"A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner."


Every Episode

"Sokka's just jealous 'cause he doesn't have an arrow."

The Wealthy Gardener

Words of Wisdom

"Pray not for lighter burdens, pray for a stronger back. Not for tasks to match your power, power to match your tasks."

Yugi Moto

4× each episode

"Believe in the Heart of the Cards!"

The Wealthy Gardener

Words of Wisdom

"Our Ambition Is The Call Of Our Fullest Potential."

Yusei Fudo

On a Motorcycle

"Let's Rev it Up!"

The Wealthy Gardener

Words of Wisdom

"Our Greatest Regrets Are Missed Opportunities That Arise From Ignoring Our Inner Voice."


Episode 01

"You’re overwhelmed. Freeze was underwhelmed. Why isn’t anyone just whelmed ?"

The Wealthy Gardener

Words of Wisdom

"We Must Weigh The Danger Of Action Against The Cost Of Inaction."

The Batman

The Batman: Animated Series (2004)

"How - How'd you do that?"
"I'm The Batman."

The Wealthy Gardener

Words of Wisdom

"Uncommon Rewards Are Not For Those Who Can’t Pass The Test Of Sacrifice And Persistence."

Shawn Spencer

True Grits - Season 06

"Just because you put syrup on something doesn’t make it a pancake."

The Wealthy Gardener

Words of Wisdom

"Winners Work More Hours, And They Work Better Hours. It’s Quantity And Quality."

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